'Shun unregistered colleges'

Kathmandu, October 14

The Ministry of Education today urged guardians to ensure that they are sending their children to registered academic institutions.

Issuing a public notice, the ministry said many students applying for certificate equivalency were facing problems as their academic institutions were not registered with the government.

Bodh Raj Niraula, under secretary at the School Education Section of the education ministry, said many colleges in the country were running academic programmes without registration.

“Therefore, we request parents to carefully select schools for their children or else their investments would go in vain,” said Niraula, adding, “Recently, the ministry could not issue certificate equivalency to many students as their academic institutions were not registered.” Any institution that wants to run academic programmes of foreign universities should first acquire the government’s permission.

However, many academic institutions have been running foreign academic programmes in Nepal without permission from the government.

Earlier this year, student unions, especially the one aligned to the UCPN-Maoist, had called the government to take action against the unregistered colleges.