Kathmandu, December 24:

Subita Shrestha, a 30-year-old mother of two is undergoing treatment at the Patan Hospital for the past seven months and now has requested some Good Samaritan to help for her treatment and for the future of her children.

Subita, mother of a four-year-old daughter and a 15-month-old son, is suffering from Aplastic Anemia, which has rendered her blood cells unable to produce blood, and due to lack of blood, she needs to be transfused with fresh blood everyday.

From a poor family, Subita and her husband are not able to pay the daily expenses during the treatment.

Subita’s husband, a garment employee from Biratnagar, has been knocking doors of some organisations to help him treat his wife but to no avail.

According to Dr Sameer Koirala, Subita is in very serious condition as she doesn’t have any immune power.

If she is not provided blood she can die anytime. “She can get well by taking medicines which has to be imported from India and would cost about one million rupees or she has to change her bone marrow, which is out of her reach and not possible in Nepal,” said Dr Koirala. He said that there are chances of her getting well if given timely treatment.

Atit, Subita’s husband with tears rolling down his cheeks said, “I want money only for my wife’s treatment otherwise I am a skilled person and can earn enough to sustain my family.”

Subita said, “I want to live for my children and my family but unfortunately I don’t have money to afford treatment.”

She pleaded everyone to help her by donating money which could be deposited in the Mangalbazar Branch of Nepal Bank Limited in account no. 28637-810180-10-0144084.