SDBBS to upgrade production unit

Kathmandu, December 13

Singha Durbar Baidyakhana Bikas Samiti has decided to upgrade its Good Manufacturing Practices.

“Highly sophisticated equipment and advanced technologies will be used,” said Dr Bamsh Deepesh Sharma Kharel, managing director at SDBBS.  The state owned herbal medicine production company has decided to upgrade its production unit, laboratory and building. The aprons used by staff working in the production unit will be sterilised every day. Normal temperature will be maintained in the store.

“This will enable the company to produce drugs that can compete in the international markets. Upgrading the manufacturing process does not mean we can produce and sell products with WHO certified labels. We will assess the medicines and certify them,” added Kharel.

The oldest ayurvedic company in Nepal produces 175 types of medicines.

The objectives of GMP guidelines are to provide guiding principles for assessing the quality in relation to the safety of herbal medicines, with specific reference to contaminants and residues, according to the WHO. It also ensures procedures for controlling the quality of finished herbal products before they reach the market.

The company also plans to open its branches in all seven provinces of the country.