‘Smart dustbin’ to be placed at 70 locations in Kathmandu Valley

KATHMANDU: A private company has started placing ‘smart dustbin’ at 70 different locations in Kathmandu Valley, in association with Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Krishna Suppliers Pvt Ltd has started installing the smart dustbins at busy places in the Valley. Each dustbin costs around Rs 600,000.

Although there is a high demand from local people for placing smart dustbins at 200 places, preparations are underway to place them at few locations in Kathmandu and Lalitpur, in the first phase.

Such dustbins will be kept at all the 70 designated spots within the next week in the first phase, the company’s director, Shailesh Kunwar, said.

Meanwhile, smart dustbins have been kept at Maitighar Mandala, Bijuli Bazaar, Baneshwar, Koteshwar, Gaushala, Chabahil among other places.