Smart traffic light system to be installed in Kathmandu valley

KATHMANDU: The Department of Roads (DoR) is preparing to install 'Intelligent Traffic Light System' at assorted locations inside Kathmandu valley.

According to the department, the lights will be managed through an equipment based on the pressure of vehicles in concerned areas under this new system.

Krishna Nath Ojha, Chief of Vehicle and Traffic Management Section under the DoR said, the lights at every crossroads are being managed differently. Now, it will be brought under the same management after installation of the new system.

"Traffic police used to determine how long to keep the red or green lights on depending on the pressure of vehicles. However, with the installation of the new system, it will carry out the task automatically," Ojha shared.

The department has started managing 'smart traffic lights' for the first time in Nepal. It has been installing traffic lights on the roads with heavy traffic for last two years.