Sobhraj’s fiancée fears for her life

Kathmandu, July 28:

Nihita Biswas, the fiancée of Charles Sobhraj, today said she has been receiving threats. Organising a press conference, she claimed that Tashi Lama, prisoners’ leader at the central jail, has demanded Rs 10 million from Sobhraj, a fellow prisoner, for her life and safety.

“Lama’s friends have been threatening me, my family and Charles. Last week, Lama demanded Rs 10 million from Charles and has been threatening us, saying that he has links with the Young Communist League,” she said. “Later, we came to know that Lama had no link with the YCL.”

“Lama confiscated documents related to court proceedings,” she said.

“I have been receiving threats on my cell phone.”

A complaint was lodged to the director-general of the jail, but to no avail, she said. Nihita accused the jail administration of “being corrupt” and letting a prisoner do whatever he likes. Lama is “a robber and murderer,” she said, accusing him of terrorising inmates.

Nihita’s mother Sakuntala Thapa, who is also the legal adviser to Sobhraj, said, “For security reasons, Nihita does not live in one place. She keeps shifting.”