Social Science Baha accuses CIAA of breaching jurisdiction

KATHMANDU: The Social Science Baha, a non-government organisation, on Friday said the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority violated the constitutional body's jurisdiction by issuing a press statement against it.

Issuing a statement five days after the anti-corruption constitutional body claimed that the NGO was operating against the law, the SSB said, "Social Science Baha strongly and proudly asserts that it has not violated any of the prevailing laws."

"CIAA’s act of issuing a press release and acting like a judicial entity to pass judgement that is based on unfounded allegations is against the constitutional provisions and prevailing laws of Nepal, and is influenced by prejudice and malice," the statement read, "This act is also beyond the jurisdiction of the CIAA."

Meanwhile, the organisation also expressed its readiness to cooperate with any of the investigations provided they were carried out without any prejudice and within the ambit of the Constitution and prevailing laws.

The organisation also clarified that the Alliance for Social Dialogue was not a separate organisation, but just one of its programmes.

"Social Science Baha has received pre-approval under the prevailing laws to run the programme called Alliance for Social Dialogue and the lettersfrom the Social Welfare Council."