SOS Children’s Village Nepal on Thrusday handed over ‘home in a box’ relief package to 25 families of Tamang community of Lapse-8, Lele VDC, Lalitpur targeting the children affected by the earthquake on April 25 and subsequent aftershocks.

‘Home in a box’ relief package worth Rs 40,000 packed in a tin box contains basic things such as food, utensils, mosquito net, umbrella, blankets, mattress and pillow.

Shubha Murthi, Asia Director, SOS Villages International, and Shree Shankar Pradhananga, National Director, SOS Children’s Village Nepal, on Thrusday handed over the ‘home in a box’ relief package to 25 parents in the Tamang community in the first phase.

SOS Children’s Village is going to provide 75 such packages to 75 families in the Tamang community in the coming days.

Pradhananga said that the relief materials were handed over to the parents so that friendly environment for the children could be ensured in the community and parents could take good care of their children.

Ramesh Kumar Tamrakar, Assistant National Director, SOS Children’s VillageNepal, said that along with 100 families in Lele, Lalitpur, SOS is planning to provide ‘home in a box’ relief package to families in Changunarayan and Pokharel villages in Bhaktapur, Lakuri Danda in Dolakha, Sanga Chowk and Bhimtar in Sindhupalchowk, Ryale in Kavre and Sankhu in Kathmandu.

“We will be providing the relief package to more than 1,000 families in these places within Shrawan (mid-August),” said Tamrakar.

Murthi said that support would continue in future as well.

SOS Children’s Village has been providing relief support to the quake victims and has been running Child Care Spaces in various districts including Lalitpur, Kavre, Sindhupalchowk and Dolakha.

Earlier, the International SOS Children’s Village had expressed commitment to open a new children’s village if necessary to provide food and shelter to the children orphaned by the quake. Similarly, International SOS Children’s Village had also expressed commitment to invest Rs 1.25 billion to construct 300 homes for the quake-affected people in various parts of the country.