Speaker Onsari Gharti stresses on political unity to enforce constitution

KATHMANDU: Speaker Onsari Gharti has underlined the need of political understanding, unity and cooperation for implementing the constitution.

While speaking at the Legislature-Parliament meeting on Saturday, the newly-elected Speaker pledged to make the Legislature-Parliament successful by maintaining the dignity of the post.

It was her first address to the Parliament since she was elected to the post on October 16.

She further said that she was hopeful of positive support and cooperation from all political parties and parliamentarians to accomplish her duty successfully.

The country has already got a federal democratic republic constitution which has institutionalised achievements of past movements, guaranteed federalism, republicanism, inclusiveness, secularism and fundamental rights of the people. The new constitution has, however, failed to address discontents of some community, she said, drawing an attention of the government and political parties towards addressing such voices through talks.

She pledged not to leave any stone unturned towards that end.

She thanked those all who supported her in getting elected to the post of Speaker and termed her achievement as a victory of inclusive democracy in the country.

"We have a prideful history. The political fighters of 1950's movement are present in the incumbent House. The country has got a veteran democratic fighter as the Prime Minister. Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the supreme commander of the decade-long 'adventurous people's war' and a signatory of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, is in front of us. The leaders of people's war, 19-day people's movement, Madhes Movement and indigenous nationalities' movement are present in the House," said the first woman Speaker.

The women who had been once considered as helpless in the society, who had been ostracized and treated as second-class citizens are now in the political leadership and this is the property attained by the Nepali politics, she said.

On the occasion, the Speaker extended tributes to all those who were killed in course of various movements in the country.