Special Court gets more teeth

Kathmandu, Sept 25:

The Supreme Court (SC) today authorised the Special Court to look into cases under the Money Laundering Act, 2007.

A full-court meeting authorised the Special Court to hear cases of money laundering under the Act, said Hemanta Rawal, assistant SC spokesperson. The government had recently sought the apex court’s consent on whether or not to empower the Special Court to look into money-laundering cases under the Act. Currently, the Special Court is

looking into graft cases filed by the CIAA and cases related to state offences.

The Act calls for punishment to those who make money through the use of arms or through

illegal foreign exchange, murder, cheating and fraud.

Income generated through crimes also come under the purview of the Act. Though the government and the apex court delegated the authority to the Special Court to hear money-laundering cases, the government is yet to set up a Money Laundering Investigation Commission.