Speed bumps add to motorists’ woes

Kathmandu, October 28:

Bad roads in the Valley are already a big problem for Valley denizens. A number of speed

bumps placed unsystematically on the roads are only adding injuries to the woes.

People are suffering from agonising jolts, when they go over such speed bumps, which may lead to accidents.

Some speed bumps, like in the road from Naxal to Kamalpokhari, are formed because of the negligence of authorities concerned, who dig up roads and fill them with mud causing the formation of a hump. Most of the speed bumps are built haphazardly as there are no regulations to control them. “It becomes very difficult for us to drive when there are bumps in narrow roads. I live in Maligaon and the narrow street which leads to my house has three speed bumps one after the other. I think there is no use of such bumps in narrow roads. It may invite accidents during nights,” said Manish Thapa, a vehicle owner.

Another road user Sarita Shrestha said authorities concerned should paint speed bumps so as to avoid accidents. “My car has bumped into these bumps a number of times. It becomes quite dangerous during nights,” she added.

The speed bumps have neither been placed with a regulatory design, nor have they been

placed in consultation with engineers.

Dinesh Thapaliya, executive officer of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, conceded that the speed bumps were being placed without any specific engineering design. “Locals approach us if they need speed bumps in the roads and we place them accordingly,” Thapaliya said, adding that they will remove such bumps if there were complaints from locals.