Standoff puts spanner in six-lane road construction

Kathmandu, August 11:

Lack of cooperation among two government agencies has marred the execution of the Kathmandu-Bhaktapur Road Improvement Project (KBRIP), supported by the Japanese


The Department of Roads (DoR) and the KBRIP have been blaming each other for delay in the expansion of the two-lane Kathmandu-Bhaktapur road into the six-lane road. The DoR, the executing agency, claims that the Nepal Electricity Authority is delaying the relocation of electric poles on the Araniko Highway.

However, KBRIP chief Saroj Pradhan said the work, including relocation of electric poles and temples, and maintenance of the drainage system had been completed.

“We have finished our tasks to facilitate the expansion of the 9.1 km Tinkune-Sallaghari stretch,” Pradhan said.

NEA may not be able to lay transmission lines in new places and reinstall transformers before Dashain, he said.

According to Pradhan, the project has also provided additional funds to the NEA to complete the work on time.

NEA said the task of re-fixing power cables was not easy. “Reinstallation of power cables in new places is a risky job. We cannot hire more people to complete the work on time,” said NEA deputy manager Kailash Atal.

Atal said they had completed 80 per cent of the work.