State restructuring panel seeks advice

Kathmandu, December 25:

The newly formed State Restructuring Committee (SRC) of the Constituent Assembly has solicited suggestions from the public on the various aspects of restructuring the state. The committee meeting held here today decided to plead for opinions from the public and other relevant sectors.

According to a press release issued by the SRC secretariat, it has sought suggestions and opinions from the citizens, interest groups, Nepali Diaspora and all concerned on the aspects of federalism such as the structure of federal and provincial government, electoral process, structures of the executives at different levels, division of executive powers, relations between

the central and provincial government, different government bodies and the determinants of good governance.

The public is urged to call at 014200134 and 014200344 for the oral suggestions. Those that have access to the Internet can send email to or fax at 014200053.

The committee, which has decided to include experts, has urged the president and the vice president’s office as well as various constitutional bodies to send suggestions by holding interactions with the stakeholders.

Meanwhile, a meeting of civil society has formed a 51- member ‘Constitution building, pressure and recommendation group’ coordinated by Ram Chandra Ray and said it would help ensure, the Hindu country, social equity, communal harmony, guarantee of federalism.