Stones hurled at Dhiraj murder accused

Lalitpur, October 9:

The Metropolitan Police Range (MPR), Lalitpur, this afternoon made public alleged murderers of Dhiraj Adhikari, on the request of slain boy’s kin.

The police had last night arrested Nabin Shrestha, Raj Kumar Shrestha, Tikaram Shrestha and taxi driver Bhoj Kumar Lama for allegedly kidnapping eight-year-old Adhikari and later strangulating him to death at Balkumari last week.

Parents of the murdered child had refused to accept the boy’s body demanding those accused for the crime be made public.

Irate locals hurled stones at the four, who were presented before the public amidst tight security. Other accused Rajkumar Lama and Raju Magar are still absconding, the police

said. Investigations revealed that the accused had rented two rooms in the house belonging to Pramod Maharjan, near the Balkumari Dojo, some two months ago and killed the

boy in the room as per the plan, SP Mahdav Nepal at the MPR, Lalitpur.

“We have concluded that they had been planning to murder the boy for two months,” he said.

Raj Kumar Shrestha, Nabin’s elder brother, and his wife were preparing to go to the United States of America as Raj Kumar had already obtained a visa, the police said.

Kidnappers held

KATHMANDU: A police team from the Metropolitan Police Circle, Baneshwor, on Monday night rescued 11-year old Samrakhak KC, from Pashupati Guest House, Sorakhutte, two hours after he was kidnapped, the police said. DSP Gorakh Singh Bhandari said the boy’s father was to pay Rs 2.5 lakh to Bina Shrestha of Buddhanagar, who kidnapped his son to force him to pay up. Police traced Bina, who confessed to abducting child with help of Sita Shrestha and Yadav Shrestha to get her money back. “We have held Bina, Sita and Yadav in this connection.”— HNS