Street drama portrays recent crisis in Capital

KATHMANDU: A theatre group in Kathmandu on Saturday performed a street drama, portraying recent obstruction in basic supplies, at Basantapur Dabali.

Abhinayadwara Chetanaka Laharharu (Achel) performed the play ‘Nakabandi’ amid hundreds of audience.

The drama had a conclusion that if all Nepali people unite and stand together, any fight can be won against any foreign force.

The drama was written by Ajit Aryal whereas it was directed by Sagar Humagain.

The drama tried to spread messages that the country's identity should not be erased for anyone’s interest while cottage industries and self-employment should be promoted and black marketing should be stopped.

Navaraj Khadka, Sagar Humagain, Sushila Thapa, Rekha Karki, Anish Rai, Manisha Khadka and Rupesh Magar had acted in the play.