Students against flat public

Kathmandu, June 30:

The eight student unions have expressed their dissatisfaction over the flat fare of Rs 12 for 0-6 km distance in public vehicles in Kathmandu valley and have demanded a new fare system.

The students have demanded different fares of Rs 5 for 0-2km, Rs 8 for 0-4 km and Rs 10 for 0-6 km distances in public transport vehicles within the Kathmandu valley.

“The government has maintained the flag down rate for meter taxi at Rs 10 but one has to pay Rs 12 once a passenger steps into a public bus or minibus. This is not fair,” said Himal Sharma, general secretary of All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union-Revolutionary.

The students have also demanded an end to the syndicate system in the transportation sector.

The unions have threatened to continue protest programmes if the government remained indifferent to their demands until July 2.

Meanwhile, Sharma said the minister and secretary of Ministry for Labour and Transport Management today met the students to discuss their demands.

“We agreed to form a task force under the leadership of Director General of Department of Transport Management to discuss the demands of the students,” Sharma said.

The task force would include the representatives of both student unions and the transport entrepreneurs. Sharma said a meeting would be called by the Department of Transport Management after two days to discuss the issues.