Students bearing the brunt of varsity’s negligence

Kathmandu, August 20

Around 51 students, who have already received transcript certificates for master’s degree in journalism, have been declared ineligible for further studies by Tribhuvan University a year after they received the certificates.

Many of these students have already gone abroad for further studies after receiving the transcript and migration certificates while some of them are planning for the same.

Due to TU’s negligence, those students who have already joined foreign universities and those who have been planning to go abroad for further studies are sure to face troubles as TU has declared them ineligible.

Earlier, TU had issued transcripts to students who secured 2.7 CGPA with the remark ‘passed’. So many students went abroad for further studies. But later it declared that students who secured less than 3 CGPA are not eligible for further studies. Only 15 students out of 66 were eligible for Master’s of Philosophy in the first batch of JMC.

Anju Thapa is one of the first batch students of semester system in journalism, who is now studying in Australia. She had secured less than 3 CGPA. Department of Mass Communication and Journalism granted her passed certificate as well as migration certificate.

“It’s so depressing to hear that I am not eligible for further studies after a year of receiving the certificate. We were not informed earlier that securing less than 3 CGPA would make us ineligible for further studies. She shared that she was worried that her scholarship would be scrapped if the Australian university came to know about this.

Meanwhile, Parbati Parajuli, a student of the same batch, who also secured less than 3 CGPA, has been declared ineligible for the further studies. When she went to receive her transcript, TU officials wrote ‘failed’ on her transcript with pen.

“My own friend received passed certificate scoring 2.7 CGPA while TU declared me fail and ineligible for further studies,” said Parajuli, adding that TU’s negligence had put their career at stake. Parajuli shared she had been planning to go Australia this year. Students of journalism claimed that TU seems to be indifferent towards the future of students.

Department Head of Central Department of Mass Communication and Journalism Chiranjivi Khanal said, the executive council had taken the decision not to provide transcript to those students who secured less than 3 CGPA. Khanal said, ‘TU Semester System Operational Guideline’ has been published after the semester system was introduced at the department.

According to ‘TU Semester System Operational Guideline’, students securing only 2.7 in grade point are considered as ‘pass in individual subject while in order to pass the semester examination, the student must secure a minimum of Grade ‘B’ or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) 3.

Dean of humanities faculty Shiva Lal Bhusal informed that those students who secured less than 3 CGPA would be allowed to attend supplementary examination in two subjects in each semester to improve their grades.

“Faculties of science and management are also facing similar problems. We are looking for a solution,” said Bhusal.