Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, May 4:

The seven student unions organised protest programmes in front of various Valley campuses today. They burnt tyres, pelted stones at the police and obstructed traffic for a couple of hours this morning. The students also took out a rally against regression at Chabahil. “Now we not only want to correct the Royal move of October 4 but also demand the formation of an all-party government with executive powers and sovereignty,” said Thakur Gaire, secretary of All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU).

“The students who are still in custody might become instrumental in seeking an end to monarchy.” The area in front of Ratna Rajya Campus and Amrit Science College remained tense today. However, the students lifted the chakkajam at Exhibition Road in response to the government’s lifting of prohibitory orders in the Valley.

Pradip Poudel, vice-president of Nepal Students Union said that if the government did not release the students then they would be compelled to close all the educational institutions in the country. The student bodies say the government should immediately release them or else it would be held responsible for the consequences. Since May 2, they have locked out all the offices of the campus chiefs and the vice-chancellor’s office.

Kundan Raj Kafle, Free Students Union chairman of Pashupati Multiple Campus, Santosh Pandey, Prakash Rawal, Ajiwan Lamichanne and Om Prakash Dhungana of Diamond Times are under preventive detention in accordance with the Public Security Act 1989. Likewise, Gopal Singh Dhami, a student of Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus was arrested in front of Kathmandu Model Hospital yesterday. Meanwhile, a seven-member taskforce has started monitoring those private schools which have increased the fees, thus breaching the agreement between the school owners, the Education Ministry and the student bodies.

“Our first step is to make them stick to the old fee structure unless the taskforce submits its report,” said Khimlal Bhattarai, general-secretary of ANNFSU. “We will take action against those school owners who have breached the accord.”