Students join campaign to put reflective collar on street animals

Kathmandu, June 11

The problem of free-roaming animals in the streets is worsening in Kathmandu.

Students, along with Kathmandu Metropolitan Police officers, joined a campaign ‘The Ethical Self and Animal Safety Awareness’ to put reflective collars on street animals today.

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Pradeep Chhetri of Kalimati Metropolitan Police Circle, nearly 100 participants including over 60 students and teachers from Kathmandu Engineering College, 15 students from Silver Mountain, four from Xavier Academy and two from St. Xaviers participated in the campaign.

“To reduce accidents and save the lives of animals, we included students who had participated in the campaign,” said Chhetri, adding, “There are about 8,000 cows, calves and bulls stranded on the streets. The stranded animals might not seem like a huge problem to many but one out of three reported accidents on the road are caused by animals roaming freely along the streets. Both humans and animals end up being hurt and some accidents may be even fatal.”

Nearly 50 calves and bulls and a few street dogs were collared on June 9 with the guidance of ‘Vet for Your Pet’ from Bhaktapur, said one of the participant students. Animals roaming in  streets such as Kalimati, Balkhu, Kalanki, Swoyambhu have been collared till now, she informed.

While participating in the campaign, Deputy Mayor Gita Satyal of Lalitpur Metropolitan City said, we have also been thinking of launching the campaign in the city so as to make people more responsible in protecting animals.