Subedi urges govt to seek help from international judicial body to end blockade

KATHMANDU: Professor of international law at Leeds University in the United Kingdom and Chairman of Global Policy Forum Nepal, Surya Prasad Subedi, has suggested the government to go to the international judicial body against India for its recent treatment towards Nepal.

At a daylong Kathmandu conference in the Capital on Wednesday, Professor Subedi said the economic embargo India has imposed on Nepal has violated Nepal's rights to trade and transit as a landlocked country.

So, Nepal could seek help of international laws on it, he underscored.

"Sections 125 to 132 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982 mention well about the rights of a landlocked country like Nepal," Subedi said, "It is better to take help from it now."

Moreover, he said Nepal should not delay on making a position paper on whether the exiting crisis is a blockade or not and inform the international community accordingly.

"The blockade is morally, diplomatically and legally unacceptable," stressed the expert.