Submit periodical reports to UN committee on time, NHRC tells government

Kathmandu, November 3

The National Human Rights Commission today said it was concerned as the government had not been able to submit periodical reports to the United Nation’s Human Rights Committee.

The NHRC said the government was preparing to submit third, fourth and fifth reports collectively to the UN Committee against Torture, which should be submitted every four years. The rights body said the government had not submitted 17th to 22nd reports relating to the International Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Racial Discrimination.

A press statement issued by NHRC’s Spokesperson Mohna Ansari stated the commission had sent its suggestion to the Ministry of Home Affairs on October 19 on the report, which the government is preparing to submit to the UN committee.

It has also asked the government to mention the recommendations of the commission with regard to cases of arrest without warrant, illegal detention, extra judicial killing, enforced disappearance, torture and death in police custody and actions taken against the offenders.

The commission has also asked the government to mention its suggestions regarding the improvement of jail and detention centres, management of juvenile detention centers, implementation of reports of the commission and committees formed to ensure human rights of prisoners and NGOs.

The commission said it had also asked the government to mention in its report the Bill on Enforced Disappearance and Torture.

Likewise, the commission said it had recommended to the government to amend anti-torture bill filed in the Parliament. The commission said it recommended to the government to remove statute of limitation for filing cases of torture and mandatory provision for filing the case within 25 days of completion of the investigation.

“We want the government to submit the reports to the committees on time and to include our recommendations in the reports,” the statement reads.