Suggestions on draft continue to pour in

KATHMANDU: Speakers at a press meet in the capital on Friday said the preliminary draft of the new constitution was faulty as it intended to curtail the freedom of opinion and expression and that it should be revised. Free press is the first condition to promote rule of law, human rights, independent judiciary and basic democracy, they added. Besides they called for recognising the contribution of civil society to bring  positive changes in the society  in the new constitution. "People’s sentiments and aspirations are being ignored in the name of 'fast track'," they argued.

Other suggestions were separation of social rights from the law, withdrawal of the proviso relating to compulsory service included in Article 52 related to duties of citizens, erasing the provision (1) of Article 70 related to granting amnesty, of provisions of parliamentary hearing on the appointment of judges and removal of judges without impeachment. They sought re-appointment in court and constitutional bodies.