Sujata slams NC leaders against her

KATHMANDU: Newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Sujata Koirala on Tuesday claimed that the support she enjoyed in the party for her new post was overwhelming and dismissed the statements made by acting party president Sushil Koirala and parliamentary party leader Ram Chandra Poudel of her new position as “baseless”.

Koirala's remark follows statements made by acting president Sushil Koirala and the NC PP leader Paudel on Monday that she was appointed to the post without the consent of the party.

Rejecting such a claim, Sujata on Tuesday told mediapersons after assuming the office of the DPM that the criticism labelled against her was “groundless”.

“I have the huge support from the party rank and file," she said. However, Sujata contradicted her earlier statement and went on to argue that since GP Koirala, party president, appointed Sushil as an acting party president and Ram Chandra as general secretary and vice resident without consulting the party, she also deserved the appointment without consultation in the party.

“My case is the same as theirs but why are they criticising my appointment?” Sujata asked.“I have felt the great responsibility towards the nation after becoming the DPM," she added. Koirala’s appointment was allegedly sought by GP Koirala.