SC prepares full texts of verdicts on cases filed by former DIG Silwal

Kathmandu, December 14

The Supreme Court today prepared the full texts of verdicts delivered on the cases filed by former DIG Nawa Raj Silwal in which it asked the concerned body to investigate who were responsible for tampering with Silwal’s performance evaluation report which had to be kept secret in government bodies.

The SC also asked the concerned body to punish those who were responsible for tampering with Silwal’s performance report.

Silwal who contested the parliamentary election from Lalitpur-1 on CPN-UML’s ticket has won the election.

Silwal had filed a case against the government claiming that he had secured more marks in the performance evaluation report than his competitors and hence he should be promoted to the post of Inspector General of Nepal Police. The government had accused Silwal of doctoring his performance evaluation report.  The SC said in its verdict that Prakash Aryal had secured more marks than other competitors.

The apex court said that there was variance in the marks submitted by the petitioner (Silwal) and the marks submitted by Public Service Commission and other concerned bodies. The SC said that petitioner had not proved reliable grounds to support his claim that his marks were changed.

The SC also admonished Advocate Kapil Dev Dhakal who had filed the first case seeking to prevent the government from appointing junior DIG to the post of IGP.

The SC asked the Nepal Bar Council to mention Dhakal’s name in the record book for ignoring the valuable time of the SC in order to benefit somebody else. Dhakal told THT that the SC had the powers to refuse to register a PIL and to refuse to pass an order.