Sure-fire cure claimed for drug addiction

Kathmandu, December 27:

The Ric-Rose Cooperation (RRC) has recently introduced a Chinese herbal treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction.

The treatment, named Qile after the name of the doctor - Dr Qile Dai - who invented it is said to have a success rate of 90 per cent in curing the addiction, without leaving chances for a relapse.

Ten patients are currently undergoing treatment at RRC. Binod Aryal, managing director of the RRC, said the treatment has been clinically proved not to have any side effect. Besides, this treatment prevents the chances of relapses, he said. Patients undergoing treatment at RRC said they have gained self-confidence and the craving for drugs has disappeared.

In traditional medication treatment, chances of relapses are high. “Medications reduce the craving for drugs, but cannot eliminate the mental dependency on drugs,” said Dr Pramod Aryal, MD of Bio Synch Pvt Limited. In Qile, the herbs are applied externally at navel and thumb base for 20 days. The ingredients enter into the body, dissolve the toxins and expel them out from the body. Dr Dai has reportedly cured over 2,000 drug addicts in China and Australia since 1996.

According to government data, there are as many as 150,000 drug addicts in Nepal.