Talent show on Snow Leopard Day

  • Nepal has already presented a climate-smart snow leopard landscape management plan

Kathmandu, October 23

John Dewey School, NCCS, St Mary’s School and Jagriti School won in four separate categories in the first-ever design challenge organised on the occasion of International Snow Leopard Day today.

One-hundred-and-twenty students from 40 schools of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhatakpur districts participated in the event organised by WWF Nepal in Patan Museum to engage young minds with snow leopard conservation.

According to WWF Nepal, the school teams had two hours to create a habitat for snow leopards using a box of recycled materials provided on the spot. The perfect habitat was to protect snow leopards from the impacts of climate change, human-wildlife conflict, poaching and habitat fragmentation.

The event also showcased a photo exhibition on Nepal’s snow leopards, issues and successes. The photo exhibition was supported by USAID and WWF UK.

“Through the event I got to learn so much about snow leopards, and where and how they live,” said Sanskriti Pokharel, student of John Dewey School.

“More importantly, I understood how humans are connected with snow leopards and our actions, both good and bad, impacts them,” she added.

Earlier in August, Nepal had made conservation history by launching climate-smart snow leopard landscape management plan at the International Snow Leopard Summit and Ecosystem Forum in Kyrgyzstan. The plan addressed key current and emerging threats to snow leopards and served as a model for other range countries to adopt.

“Nepal’s leadership in snow leopard conservation is an outcome of top-level commitment from the government and stewardship of local communities,” stated Ghana S Gurung, Senior Conservation Programme Director of WWF Nepal.

“By blending policy with conservation science, community ownership, awareness and enforcement, we aim to work beyond boundaries in a collective effort to protect snow leopards and their habitats.”

International Snow Leopard Day is celebrated on 23 October to raise awareness about the plight of the iconic species.

The landmark Bishkek Declaration was also signed this very day in 2013 at the first Global Forum on the Conservation of the Snow Leopard focusing on the conservation of snow leopards.