Tarai party to launch cultural movement

KATHMANDU: A Madhes-based party today announced a phase-wise linguistic movement, which it said would be targeted against the Khas Nepali in a bid to establish Hindi as an official language in the Tarai.

Organising a press meet in the capital today, Amar Yadav, president of Madhes Tarai Forum, claimed that they were forced to push the agenda of language ever since the ‘pro-Khas political parties and the verdict of Supreme Court dragged Vice President Paramananda Jha into a controversy merely because he took the oath of office and secrecy in Hindi”. He alleged that the ‘Khas majority government’ was imposing their discriminatory laws on other communities.

Agitating MTF would ban the circulation of Nepali national vernacular newspapers in Madhes beginning August 23, regional newspapers from August 30, impose restriction on electronic media through cable operators from September 6, shut down classes in Nepali-medium schools from October 26 and halt the works in government offices from November 1 each for one week.

Mathur Prasad Yadav of the party said the state was eclipsing their demands in the guise of VP’s oath-taking scandal and civilian supremacy. “We respect national integrity and sovereignty but the government should end the discrimination,” he added.