Teachers' salary on monthly basis

MADHYAPUR: The government has decided to distribute salaries to the public school teachers every month, changing the earlier provision of quarterly distribution.

Mahashram Sharma, director general, Department of Education, told The Himalayan Times today that they had already begun the process for the salary distribution as per the changed provision.

“As soon as we receive letter from the Ministry of Education, we will circulate the decision to all the district education offices to distribute the teachers’ salary every month,”

he said.

Sharma said, “Though some teachers were in favour of the old format of salary distribution, many teachers in remote areas were facing several problems due to that.”

According to Sharma, there are 102,176 teachers working in the primary level, 25,864 in the lower secondary level and 19,658 in the secondary level in the country.

The Primary level teachers get Rs 8,280 while

the secondary level teachers get a monthly salary of Rs 13,450.

Sharma also informed that they were planning to provide teachers’ salary through banks in the urban areas.

Ramshova Karki, a primary teacher at Mahendra Gram Lower Secondary School, Lubhu, Lalitpur said, “Though the payment was not a problem for me, many of my friends wanted a change in the previous system.”

She claimed that the teachers having poor financial background would be benefited from the change.

Krishna Prasad Dhakal, president, Teachers’ Union of Nepal, said that there had been an agreement between the Union and the government to bring such change in salary distribution two years ago.

Dhakal said, “This is just a part of the agreements signed in 2007.” He added, “Though the government had signed many agreements with us, they are yet to be implemented.”