Teej songs call for timely assembly elections

Kathmandu, September 14:

Unlike in the past, Teej celebrations came this time with a new flavour. Teej songs not only covered lamentation and nostalgia, but also Constituent Assembly (CA) elections. Women gathered around the Pashupatinath temple, and sang and danced in songs filled with zeal to do something for the nation. Through the songs, the women said the elections will pave the way for the building of a new Nepal. They also called for the protection of their rights.

Traditionally, women fast on the day of Teej, wishing for long life of their husbands.

The women gathered around the Pashupati temple expressed commitment to do their part for the elections and building of a new nation. They also urged the government to protect the fundamental rights of women.

The NGO Federation Nepal, Human Rights Alliance, Federation of Community Forest Users’

Nepal and the Democratic Confederation of Nepalis Trade Union organised a Teej Dohori programme near the Pashupatinath temple with the theme of proportionate participation of women in the constituent assembly elections.

The women sang and danced in the songs, exhibiting their political awareness and demanding equality.

Mina Bista, programme coordinator of the Jagaran Nepal, said, “These songs point at women’s empowerment and evolving political consciousness.”

Apart from wishing for long life of our husbands, this time we celebrated Teej, wishing for lasting peace and prosperity in the nation.

Uma Naral of Gaurighat said Teej songs have expressed women’s aspirations to build a new Nepal through the Constituent Assembly.

“Many women do not know what the assembly elections are. Apart from entertaining, the songs have disseminated information as well.”

Clad in red attire, thousands of women flocked to the temple today to celebrate Teej and worship Lord Pashupatinath. Organisations, including Shakti Samuha, We Can Campaign and Maiti Nepal disseminated information about HIV/AIDS, girl-trafficking, violence against women and other issues related to women.

Januka Bhattarai of the Shakti Samuha said that the Pashupatinath temple is a hub for females and any information can be disseminated to countless number of women on the day.

Some women lined up in queues the whole day outside the temple to pay obeisance to Lord Pashupatinath. Traffic in the vicinity of the temple came to a halt due to a heavy flow of the devotees throughout the day.