Temperature remains stable for few days in Kathmandu Valley

KATHMANDU: The minimum temperature of Kathmandu Valley has decreased to 2.3 degree Celsius on Sunday. It was 3.3 degree Celsius on Saturday.

According to Weather Forecasting Division, although the minimum temperature has deceased, the Valley will not experience chilling cold.

Meteorologist Raju Pradhananga said, "Though the minimum temperature has dipped, weather will gradually warm up.”

The minimum temperature of Kathmandu Valley would remain stable at three degree Celsius in the next few days.

Earlier on January 7, the mercury of the Capital had plummeted to zero degree Celsius. Most of the places in the country had witnessed rainfall while hill and mountain areas experienced snowfall on January 24.

Similarly, the western Tarai belt was covered with thick fog today morning.

According to the Division, Jumla recorded the lowest temperature of minus 5 degree Celsius today while Dipayal recorded highest temperature of 23 degree Celsius.