Kathmandu, January 5:

Temporary teachers are all set to stage fresh protests from January 10.

The teachers will begin their renewed agitation from Ratnapark.

The Temporary Teachers Struggle Central Committee (TTSCC) said today that the recently-approved Education Bill was in violation of the agreement reached between officials of the

Education Ministry, representatives of the eight parties and the Temporary Teachers’ Struggle Central Committee (TTSCC) on December 24.

Talking to the media, the TTSC president, Nirendra Kunwar, accused the government of cheating the temporary teachers by approving the Bill.

Kunwar said, “As per the Bill, temporary teachers have to compete with 2,00,000 fresh candidates to become permanent. It will be impossible for temporary teachers, who have ben confined to course contents for decades, to clear the examinations.”

A Member of the Parliament (MP), Hari Acharya, said the Bill was approved following pressure from the Finance Ministry and the government, which has been exercising full authority in the parliament.

The finance minister refused to invest more in the field of education, he said, adding, “The government wants to get rid of the ‘educational burden’ and transfer it to the public.”

Hira Nepal, president of the Nepal National Teachers Organisation, accused the government of working against the International Labour Organisation’s declaration.

“According to the declaration, no worker should be kept temporary for over six months. But teachers have been working on a temporary basis for decades.”