Temporary teachers demand facilities


Temporary teachers on Thursday demanded that the government provide them facilities that have been guaranteed in the Education Act.

Nirendra Kunwar, President, Temporary Teachers Agitation Central Committee, said that Section 11f (1c) of the Education Act that came into effect in January 2007, has ensured facilities to temporary teachers who have already worked in government schools for more than five years on temporary basis. But the government has failed to act as per the act, he said.

He said the Ministry of Education had failed to amend the Education Regulations to provide facilities to temporary teachers.

Kunwar said there were as many as 17,135 temporary teachers who joined the government schools before April 23, 2006 out of which around 2,000 temporary teachers have already got permanent status through open competition, while some 900 teachers had retired due to age limit, so there are currently around 14,000 teachers who are entitled to facilities guaranteed in the Education Act.

The Supreme Court had ordered MoE on February 7, 2010 to ensure the rights of temporary teachers as per the Education Act, but the government is yet to implement the directive.