Tharus enlistment as Madhesis dubbed a huge blunder

Kathmandu, March 1:

Different indigenous communities condemned the government decision for enlisting indigenous groups under the Madhesi community and protested it labelling as a huge blunder. Nepal Indigenous Nationality Students’ Federation (NINSF) has expressed serious concern about the government decision on February 3 to enlist them under Madhesi community like other 92 ethnics.

The NINSF claimed that they had their own identity in Tarai and said that they struggled in different movements for establishing democracy in the country. “The present totalitarian, capitalist and unitary government enlisted us under Madhesi community ignoring the identity of the general people.”

Similarly, different ethnic and indigenous groups will organise chakkajam at Maitighar Mandala at 2 pm on Monday as part of their protest against the government decision. They have demanded to withdraw the decision and warned of the protest if the government failed to address their problem. “The government should take the sole responsibility of the result of the protest programme,” it said.

Gopal Dahit, president of the Tharu Intellectual and Research Centre, said the torch-rally organised by the Tharuhat Joint Struggle Committee began from Maitighar Mandala to International Convention Centre. The rally burned the ordinance issued by the government at the restricted area in front of ICC to protest against it. “Police battoned lathicharge on them and more than 40 supporters are injured during the scuffle,” said Dahit.

He said 14 Tharu affiliated committees including other indigenous organisations participated in the demonstration.