Theft cases going down in Valley: Police

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 17:

In the past couple of weeks, the number of theft cases have gone down in the Valley, according to officials at the Kathmandu District Police Office (KDPO), Hanumandhoka. The number has gone down by half in about a month, police said. “For the past couple of weeks we have been receiving one complaint of theft every alternate day,” said Khadga Khatri, inspector at the KDPO. Earlier, one theft case, on an average, used to take place in the Valley every day. “The crime rate has gone down because in the past two months the security has been tightened in the Valley ,” said Ganesh KC, the deputy superintendent of police at the KDPO.

According to statistics provided by the Valley Crime Investigation Branch (VCIB), Hanumandhoka, 18 theft cases took place in the month of Chaitra (mid-March to mid-April).

Stealing of domestic goods and cash were reported in the past months, according to the report. “Thefts usually take place when the family members are out of the house,” the official said. Until last year, three thefts used to take place in the Valley each day. In Falgun (Mid-Feb

to mid-March), 22 cases were reported and the number reached 36 in Magh (mid-Jan

to mid-Feb). “One case of theft on an average was being reported till three months back but now it has decreased by half,” KC added. Meanwhile, a television set and Rs 4,000 were stolen from Anita Ray’s rented house at Putalisadak. Ray had gone out when the incident occurred, police said.