Thimi goes thirsty for past three days

Madhyapur Thimi, Oct 15:

People in Madhyapur and Bhaktapur municipalities are not getting drinking water from their taps for the last three days.

Though they have been facing shortage of drinking water, they blamed that the concerned officials were not taking their problems seriously. The Bhaktapur branch of Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) said that shortage in water supply was because of dry season and malfunctioning of water supply pumps, locals said.

Kedar Khadka, a social worker, said that the concerned officials were not serious in searching for a long term solution to the end the interruption in supply.

Niroj Tiwari of Kaushaltar in Madhyapur Thimi said people were suffering from the interruption in the supply of drinking water.

Ram Prasad Dhungana, a staffer at Lokanthali Water Treatment Centre under the KUKL, said Madhyapur Thimi area was the must facilitated area in terms of drinking water supply.