Three-year jail for forcing reconciliation on rape victims


The government today endorsed an ordinance with the provision of imposing jail term up to three years and a fine up to Rs 30,000 on people guilty of forcing reconciliation between rape victims and perpetrators. If cops, court officials or any other public servants are found guilty of this crime, they will be sent to six additional months in jail.

The ordinance will come into force once President Bidhya Devi Bhandari signs it.

Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Shiva Maya Tumbahangphe told THT that the government decided to adopt this provision because there were many cases where powerful and influential people in villages were found to be forcing reconciliation on the rape victims.

“Often perpetrators have more power and influence than victims. They force rape victims not to seek action against them and the government wants to punish such people,” she said.

The ordinance states that people guilty of committing rape against a person aged 18 and above will face 10 to 12 years in jail, up from seven to 10 years.