THT watch

Kathmandu, October 14:

Pieces of broken glasses and stones have littered the footpath leading to Anamnagar from New Plaza.

The footpath with loose gravel and unleveled dirt-tract has been causing much distress for commuters.

To top it all, a colossal hole has been left open right beside the footpath.

"The footpath and the hole are remained in this status for a very long time. It is difficult to walk but no one has bothered to cover the hole or complain about it," said Manav Shrestha, who takes the route regularly.

People, who commute via the path, have a painful experience of avoiding the hole. "Walking on this road is very dangerous, especially at nights when there is no electricity. One can fall suddenly into the hole and break his/her leg or get injured," said Namrata Sharma, another pedestrian.

Who is responsible

Until now we have received no complaint about the problem. If the path is causing trouble, the public should complain and we will look into it. We are not even aware of the bad shape of the road. Informed people should bring the matter into notice of the authorities concerned.

Dipak Kumar KC, programme coordinator, DDC, Kathmandu