Tht watch : What’s broken?

Kathmandu, May 13:

The short-cut route leading to Patan Dhoka from Kupondole is full of pot holes and rainfall adds to the commuters’ woes. The condition of this 500 metre inner road at Jwagal is worsening every day and the pot holes are getting bigger.

Commuting in a four-wheeler on this narrow road is a nightmare and the condition is worse for two-wheelers. Punctured tyres and engine damage are frequent for any two-wheeler passing on this route, locals complain. “It’s even difficult to walk on this narrow road. In recent days, rain has made commuting harder,” locals added.

Although the Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City black-topped many roads in the inner city of Patan in the last fiscal year, this road did not make it to the priority list.