THT watch : What’s broken

Kathmandu, June 10:

The stone spout (Kaldhara) in Gyaneshwor Marga has been running dry for five months. The local people complain that authorities concerned are indifferent towards the problem, despite their repeated complaints regarding the water shortage.

According to a local, Bal Bahadur Pariyar, though the quantity of water gushing out of the spout is less in the dry seasons, it dried up completely this year. “Around 30 families used to rely on the water of the spout,” he added.

Surya Shahi, another resident, said, “The spout was the only source of drinking water for us. We don’t have any alternative to buying water after the spout dried up.” He explained that in the past, many people from Kamal Pokhari and Gaucharan also used to come to Gyaneshwor Kaldhara to fetch drinking water.

Shahi added, “One of the local residents has dug a well in his compound, which was situated exactly at the same place the spout’s water source is situated, drying up the spout. We have been complaining to the office of Ward No 33 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City but to no avail.”

Who is responsible:

I have not yet received any complaint regarding the spout in Gyaneshwor Marga. We can do nothing if somebody digs a well in his/her compound. But if the source of both the well and the spout is the same, we can find ways to solve the problem.

— Ambika Khadka,

secretary at Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No 33 office