TJSC threatens fresh stir

KATHMANDU: Tamsaling Joint Struggle Committee on Sunday declared to launch fresh protest programmes to pressure the government to implement their 19-point agreement signed between the TJSC and the Maoist-led government.

Kumar Yonzan Tamang, general secretary, TJSC, said they would launch an indefinite Kathmandu valley bandh starting August 17 if the government failed to address their demands agreed upon by the previous government on April 11.

Addressing a press conference, he said the TJSC would first start their protest programme by organising Pasang Lhamu Highway bandh on July 20.

He said the TJSC had scheduled to organise Arinko, Kedari and BP Highway bandh on July 21 and Prithivi and Tribhuvan Highway bandh on July 22.

Tamang said they wanted the government to allocate a budget through the central policy making authority for a Tamsaling ring-road and establishment of a ‘development area committee’ for the preservation of Namo Buddha and Swoyambhu Nath area. The TJSC are also seeking proportional representation of Tamangs in mainstream politics.

“The government should make provisions for a development programme for the welfare of the Tamangs, as more than 61 per cent of the Tamang people are below poverty line,” said general secretary Yonzan.

TJSC also wants the government to appoint Tamang secretaries in VDCs having majority of their population. As per the agreement, the government should allocate a special budget to provide education for Tamangs in their mother tongue, said Tamang. He added that the government should form a committee for developing ‘common national cultural programme’ to end discrimination among different communities of the nation.