RAUTAHAT: Nepal Police has rescued an Indian child, who was working in a Saree factory for one and half year in Thimi, Bhaktapur. Irrespective of his tender age, the child was forced to work in factory.

The kid was handed over to his parents today. The child, Nur Allam Mansuri escaped from the factory as he could not bear tortures of the owner.

A bus driver helped him escape to Gaur. District Police Office Rautahat handed the child to the parents with the help of Child Line, an organisation in India.

According to DSP Ramesh Kumar Khadka, the child, a resident of Chandiha in Bihar's Shivahar district was handed over to Liyakat Mansuri.

Luring him with money, Asagar Mansuri, the factory owner had brought the child to Bhaktapur.

However, the child used to get only Rs 50 per week.

He said, “The owner used to beat me, did not to give him enough to eat and I was not allowed to go out.” The District Police Office said that a complaint against the owner was being lodged.