Traffic fines sum up to Rs 70,000 daily, say police

KATHMANDU: Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) said it collects Rs 60,000 to 70,000 everyday from those charged with traffic offence on the roads.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Binod Singh said, “Traffic offences are many on the roads. The amount of fine depends on the kind of wrongdoing. Violators pay Rs 50 - Rs 5,000 for the offence.” The traffic issues more than 2,000 chits to those violating traffic rules per day, he added.

The fine collected gets deposited as revenue in government account at Nepal Rastra Bank. MTPD cannot use that money as it becomes the government’s property.

Singh said, “MTPD has 27 satellite areas, each of them have direct link with our head office.

Every police station has the authority to seize the licence/ other documents from the ones who violate traffic rules. These stations can keep the licence for 48 hours with them. If no one comes to claim the seized document within 48 hours, the documents are submitted to MTPD.

However, in case of serious offence like somebody hits a person with his/her vehicle or other kind of accidents

occur, then the documents are submitted to the MTPD. The MTPD then takes further actions, added Singh.