Traffic rules tightened

Kathmandu, September 20

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has tightened the noose on traffic offenders, especially those driving under the influence.

The MTPD has increased its surveillance to discourage traffic offences, which dramatically increases during the festive season.

SSP Milan Basnet said check points would be set up across the Valley in view of the possibility of serious accidents taking place due to reckless driving during the festive season.

Traffic police have also stepped up presence at the entry points to the Kathmandu Valley to discourage transport operators from fleecing passengers.

A civilian help post will be established to check irregularities in the transport sector.

“A notice will be placed at the civilian help post detailing bus fares for different routes while the representatives from traffic police, Nepal Police, transport entrepreneurs and civil society will also be present to take action,” SSP Basnet shared.