Transplants hit due to lack of donors

Bhaktapur, August 8

It has already been eight months since the Transplant Act, 2016 came into effect. However, Human Organ Transplant Centre, Bhaktapur, has conducted only one organ transplantation so far.

HOTC blames this on lack of awareness.

Dr Pukar Chandra Shrestha at HOTC said, “It is very difficult to convince family members to donate organs of a brain dead patient,” he said, adding lack of coordination among hospitals is also affecting organ donation. Any hospital that declares a person brain dead must immediately inform a coordination unit designated by the government.

Upon receiving the information, the unit must then contact related health institutions for organ procurement and transplantation.

The donor hospital is responsible for providing necessary resources for organ retrieval procedures whereas the co-ordination unit will arrange proper storage of organs.

Dr Pukar said, “Every day, hospitals have brain dead cases and if the family can be convinced and the hospital provides information on time, we can save many patients,” added Dr Pukar.

In Kathmandu alone, road accidents leave around 1,000 people brain dead, whose organs, if procured, could save thousands of lives. One out of every 10 persons is likely to suffer from kidney diseases, and it’s a steadily growing problem worldwide.