Tri-Chandra to phase out ISc

Kathmandu, August 10:

Authorities concerned of Tri-Chandra College, the first college of the country, have decided to phase out two-year Intermediate of Science (ISc) programme from this year despite pressure

from a student union.

“Though the college has not officially decided to phase out ISc programme, we have not issued admission forms for the programme this year as it is not a priority for both the college and Tribhuvan University,” campus chief Hari Prasad Parajuli said.

Parajuli said the college and student unions had agreed last year to scrap the programme.

“All Nepal National Free Students’ Union, Nepal Students’ Union and Free Students’ Union of the college had agreed to discontinue the programme to strengthen the BSc programmes and introduce fresh MSc programmes,” Parajuli said.

Demanding the distribution of admission forms for ISc programmes, All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union Revolutionary today opened the campus chief’s office. The office had been padlocked for over a month.

President of the Tri-Chandra unit of ANNISU-R Bandhu Bikram Chhetri, however, conceded that the ISc programme was almost phased out from the college despite their pressure.

“We have given ultimatum to the campus chief to quit within three days. If he ignored our ultimatum, we will show him what we are capable of doing,” he warned. He also claimed that Parajuli had been insisting to phase out ISc programme from the college because he was associated with higher secondary schools.

“The campus administration and student unions are saying that they will get Rs 1 crore to strengthen BSc programme if ISc is phased out,” he claimed. He, however, did not disclose who was providing the said amount.

FSU president Dipak Bhattarai said the union decided to phase out the ISc programme because the number of BSc students had been decreasing.

“Some 1,200 students used to enroll for the programme a decade ago. But the number was just around 120 last year.” He said the students seeking admission for ISc programme would be enrolled at Amrit Science College and Patan Multiple Campus.