Two Mahayagyas to be organised

KATHMANDU; Two Gyanmahayagyas are being held at Shankha Park, Chandol and Githatar in Kathmandu within 12 days.

According to the Satyakalika Orphan Shelter and the Temple Construction Committee, Shreemadbhagvat Birat Gyanmahayagya is being organised from Thursday to support the construction of an orphan shelter and temple at Chandol.

Similarly, Shree Krishna Pranami Dharma Mahotsav is going to hold the 1200 Tartamsagar Pathparayan Gyanyagya from March 29 to April 4 at Gothatar-2 in Kathmandu.

The yagya will be organised on the occasion of the inauguration of a newly constructed building of Navatandham, according to Harikeshav Phuyal, coordinator of the main organising committee.