Two youths and a septuagenarian in fray in Bhaktapur-2

Bhaktapur, December 4

Although Nepali Congress and Nepal Workers Peasants’ Party have won in every alternate poll held after the restoration of democracy in Bhaktapur-2, this time the fight has emerged as a three-party competition.

The CPN-UML candidates have advanced with the promise of rupturing the grip of both the NC and the NWPP in the constituency in the provincial and parliamentary polls.

NC candidate Daman Nath Dhungana, UML candidate Mahesh Basnet (left alliance) and Anuradha Thapa Magar of NWPP are contesting from the same constituency.

Dhungana is the former speaker while Basnet is a former minister and Thapa Magar is a former lawmaker.

The 76-year-old Dhunanga has sought votes saying that he has a ‘broom to sweep the dirt’ in politics. He said, “My candidacy is to cleanse the dirt from politics. First, I cleanse politics and then development.”

Likewise, Basnet, 41, said that his candidacy was for development of Bhaktapur. He said he was seeking votes from the people with a list promising overall development of Bhaktapur in the next five years.

Thapa Magar, 36, said that she is in the race with the belief that only socialism can develop and change the nation. The NWPP claims the party’s victory is sure as the NC and UML have ruled the country repeatedly and they have a poor track record.

As the competition seems fierce in Bhaktapur-2, it seems difficult to assume who is going to prevail. For voters, it’s a matter of speculation.