UCPN-M Chairman Dahal appeals to Congress to join government

Kathmandu, January 14

UCPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal today appealed to the main opposition party Nepali Congress to join the government to expedite the implementation of the new constitution and to defend national self-dependence.

“Congress must also participate in the incumbent government by endorsing the fact that there is no ruling party and an opposition during times when the country is facing crisis,” Dahal said, adding, “If Congress joins the government, my party is ready to leave the ministries that it is overseeing.”

He also spoke of the need for a common standpoint among all the sides to allow the country to pass over the crisis in the wake of the earthquake and blockade at the border points.

On a different note, he said the UCPN-Maoist had recently held its Central Committee meeting and prepared a base for socialist revolution and that these thoughts need to be moulded on the same basis.

Dahal also instructed party cadres to focus on the party’s organisational development and to connect to people’s daily life.

“Now all the Maoist revolutionaries must become one,” he said,