UCPN-M lawmakers blame party leadership for ignoring 'people's agendas'

KATHMANDU: The UCPN-Maoist lawmakers have urged the party leadership to pay special attention to institutionalise agendas raised by the party in past.

During the party's parliamentary party meeting held at the Constituent Assembly (CA) building today, most of the Maoist lawmakers objected to various moves of the party leadership, saying that the leadership has been forgetting the commitments made before people in the past.

They said the party leadership should answer lawmakers' concerns on the 16-point agreement signed by the political parties and added that the deal has not accepted the agendas of change.

Lawmaker Rupa Maharjan said budget announcement for the next fiscal budget should also reflect 'agendas of people'.

Deputy parliamentary party leader Top Bahadur Raymajhi, lawmakers Shakti Bahadur Basnet, Janak Raj Joshi, Rekha Sharma and Tek Bahadur Basnet expressed their views at the meeting.