KATHMANDU: CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli on Wednesday claimed that his party had got a success in the first phase of local level elections despite being encircled, adding that the party would also emerge victorious in the second phase of the polls slated for June 14. Speaking at a programme organised on the occasion of 24th anniversary of Madan-Ashrit Memorial Day in Balkhu, Oli said the party has adopted policies and ideology of development and prosperity of the country. Accusing the coalition parties in the government of rigging votes and carrying out hooliganism during the elections, he said, "UML needs a majority to build the nation, but not only for the sake of a win." Oli further added that political instability and a state of disorder were increasing as a result of the murder of communist leaders Madan Bhandari and Jibaraj Ashrit, which is a loss for the communist movements, saying that the result is the failure of the country to take a stride in democratic progress. He argued that the UML has got a success adhering to  'people's multiparty democracy' propounded by Bhandari. On the occasion, UML leaders including Oli, cadres and family members garlanded the portraits of Bhandari and Ashrit on the premises of UML's old party office. Excerpts of audio records, which were delivered by Bhandari during general elections in 1991, were also played in the programme.